Agriculture is the lifeblood of Idaho. The State is changing and we are losing some of that identity every year. Kevin has shown that he supports the agriculture industry and fights hard to maintain our agricultural future.


Protecting the unborn and born is a way Kevin is defending the God-given right of life. There needs to be a voice to protect those who do not have a voice. Kevin is a staunch supporter and promoter of pro-life legislation. He has supported every pro-life bill by co-sponsoring and carrying some of these bills.

  • H302 We discovered that upon diagnosis of down syndrome in the womb, there was pressure from medical experts to abort the baby. This bill ensured that pro-adoption and positive down syndrome information was given to the parents so that they could make an informed decision about the benefits of choosing life.  HOUSE BILL 302 – Idaho State Legislature
  • S1049 Is a trigger bill to outlaw abortion in Idaho when Roe v. Wade is overturned by the supreme court. SENATE BILL 1385 – Idaho State Legislature
  • H366 is the heartbeat bill from 2021 that makes abortions illegal after a heartbeat is detected. This would only go into effect after the ruling was upheld. That is what has happened in Texas. HOUSE BILL 366 – Idaho State LegislatureS1309 This bill is the enforcement of the heartbeat. It allows family members to sue a doctor or provider if they perform an abortion on their family member. Texas has seen a significant reduction in abortions since they passed similar legislation and we anticipate similar results. SENATE BILL 1309 – Idaho State Legislature


Kevin believes your right to bear arms is a Constitutional right that needs to be protected and preserved. He understands that we all have the right to defend our families and ourselves. Kevin has co-sponsored and supported many bills in his short four years that have protected this Constitutional freedom.


Kevin votes for and supports funding education in Idaho. He believes that supporting education is supporting the future of this great state. He has fought to fund education adequately and remove progressive, anti-American teaching in our schools. Kevin voted yes to:


Covid-19 has given us a new perspective on health freedom. Kevin believes that all businesses are essential and that individual health care choices are just that, for individuals to make. Kevin voted yes to:

  • H 719 Provides accessible religious exemptions for vaccine mandates. HOUSE BILL 719 – Idaho State Legislature
  • H 415 insures that employers would have to allow for exemptions for workplace vaccine requirements.
  • H 419 Employers wouldn’t legally be able to ask about employee vaccination status.
  • H 429 was geared towards parents (and students 18 years old) to be free to opt out of masks, plexiglass, and other medical measures imposed at school.


A healthy business community is vital to Idaho’s communities and families. Kevin supports legislation to keep taxes low and limit the heavy hand of government.


Kevin is concerned about Idaho receiving too much Federal money with strings attached. Over 44% of Idaho’s spending was federal money this past year. He believes in limiting government spending and reducing taxes.

H436 Income tax relief, $600 million HOUSE BILL 436 – Idaho State Legislature

H 380 Income tax relief in 2021, the second-largest tax cut in Idaho history, approximately $250 million. HOUSE BILL 380 – Idaho State Legislature



  • 2022 H 756 Crisis Standards of Care. This bill will ensure that Idahoan’s rights are protected when a hospital goes into Crisis Standards of Care due to a pandemic. HOUSE BILL 756 – Idaho State Legislature
  • H675 Genital Mutilation Bill. This bill would stop the practice of irreversible sex altering surgeries for minors. HOUSE BILL 675 – Idaho State Legislature
  • H666 Libraries currently have an exemption from an anti-obscenity law for children. This bill would remove that exemption so that libraries could no longer allow obscene and pornographic material to be given to children. HOUSE BILL 666 – Idaho State Legislature


The recent Presidential election showed that many in our nation have concerns about election integrity. Kevin serves on the House State Affairs committee that deals with election law. He supports continual and enhanced support of election laws that will ensure that every registered voter can have supreme confidence in the election.

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